Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Charter School?

A: Charter schools are public schools that are managed privately. We operate on the principles of choice, accountability and autonomy. Charter schools have the freedom to deliver the curriculum in unique learning styles unlike traditional public schools.


Is there a cost to attend Franklin Academy Charter Schools?

A: No, there is no charge. There are no fees or tuition because charter schools are publicly funded.

How do you enroll in Franklin Academy?

A: You must submit a timely application for your child. You can enroll your child online or you can contact us for an application. If we receive more applications than there are seats available, a random lottery will be held to determine admission. An applicant must be a resident of the same county as the Franklin Academy campus they wish to attend.


Are the teachers at Franklin Academy certified?

A: Yes. Our teachers and administrators are highly qualified in their subject areas and meet the same qualifications as any public school educator.

Does Franklin Academy require uniforms?

A: Yes, research has shown uniforms bring organization and safety to a school's campus. All students are required to wear uniforms consisting of a polo shirt with the school logo and navy pants, shorts or skirts. To ensure equity and safety, school uniforms must be purchased from iUniforms, our only approved uniform vendor.

Do the students at Franklin Academy take the state mandated assessments?

A: Yes. As a public school accountable to the state, we participate in state assessment.

How do I know if Franklin Academy is the right decision for my child?

A: Unique to Franklin Academy is the emphasis on the "whole" child beyond just textbooks. Read our website carefully to learn about our philosophy and our learning techniques. Schedule time to attend an information session or a campus tour, to get to know the team at Franklin Academy.

What are the requirements for acceptance into a charter school?

A: Franklin Academy needs to have an opening in the grade your child requires and you must reside in the same county as the Franklin Academy campus you wish to attend.

What does the curriculum include?

A: Our core curriculum includes reading/language arts, math, science and social studies. Our enrichment program includes chess, health, physical education, art, music and technology.

How much homework can I expect my child to have?

A: As long as your child uses the time during the day as their teacher plans and is staying in sync with the class, your child will not have homework.

Will transportation be provided?

A: Transportation is provided on a limited basis.

Is breakfast and lunch available?

A: Yes. Breakfast and lunch are available for purchase each day. As part of the National School Lunch Program, any students that are eligible for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program will be accommodated.

Does the school offer an after school program?

A: Yes, on all six of our K-8 campuses we offer an excellent after school program which begins at the time of dismissal and is available until 6 pm. The cost of the program and registration materials can be found on the After School Connections website. The Pembroke Pines (K-12) campus also offers a before care option.