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Boynton Beach Campus - Student Council


The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the general welfare of Franklin Academy, develop attitudes and practices of good citizenship, take an active role in the improvement plans for the school, foster positive student/faculty relationships, provide a forum for student expression, assist with assemblies and school programs, promote positive attitudes of scholarship through example, provide activities that build school pride in students and faculty members, and initiate and execute activities for betterment of the community.

Franklin Academy’s Student Government Association is a group of elementary (4th/5th) and middle school students that have either been elected or appointed in the Fall. Every member serves on a committee, such as; Citizenship Development, Community/Environmental Service, Faculty and Staff Relations, Membership Motivation, Public Relations, School Service, and School Spirit. Members enjoy planning various activities/events and turn in their favorites/most successful projects to compete at a district and state level against other middle/high schools. Once a month middle school members get to attend county/district meetings to collaborate with other middle/high school Student Governments. They have formal Robert’s Rule of Order meetings, teambuilding, and guest speakers with the main message dealing with an aspect of leadership.

Here are some awards we won at the district/state level:

Citizenship DevelopmentCareer Fair: 2nd

Community Service: Blue Santa Breakfast: 3rd

Environmental Concerns: Crayon Initiative: 2nd

Faculty & Staff Relations: Around the World Appreciation Week: 1st

Fundraising: Fall Festival: 1st

Health & Safety: Girl Box: 3rd

Membership Motivation: Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt: 3rd

School Service: Club Fest: 1st

State Project: Operation Hurricane Michael:1st

Overall we are a GOLD medallion Student Council!