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The Franklin Academy Bolt Band is the premiere performing band of Franklin Academy Boynton Beach. Under the direction of Ms. Katie Stark, this prestigious band is comprised of 6th-8th graders who have passed a rigorous audition to perform with this prestigious group.

With a repertoire ranging from Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars to The Beatles and Bob Marley, the Bolt Band believes in giving their gift of music back to the community. In addition to annual performances at Lafayette’s Music Room (formerly B.B. King’s Blues Club), the Bolt Band can be found giving back to their community through Outreach Tours, where they spend the day performing at nursing and retirement homes in their community. After only one year on their instruments, the founding members of Franklin Academy’s Bolt Band were invited to perform onstage as part of Disney’s Performing Arts OnStage — a performance they have been invited back to repeat every year since.

This dedicated group works hard, with rehearsals beginning at 6:45am two mornings per week, as well as weekends devoted to performances.

How Can I Help?

Want to help the Bolt Band give back to the community with their musical talents? Consider becoming a sponsor. For additional details on becoming a sponsor, please contact

What’s Coming Up for the Bolt Band

Stay tuned for more performances and events to be added soon for the 2019-2020 school year!

Questions about upcoming performances or how you can support the Bolt Band can be directed to Ms. Katie Stark:

Bolt Band photosBolt Band photos

Bolt Band photos